If I ever go back to a public Highschool..

I have somethings I hope to happen:

be called Cassiel//Casiel//Casielle (because I was born on a Satuday, I’m a Capricorn, it fits and also.. just maybe, slightly because it’s almost Castiel from Supernatural.. but the name still fits)

actually work out a little and get in shape before hand

start talking to other people

get a new wardrobe/hairstyle

learn a bunch of new make up styles (here I come, YouTube)

make better friends than the ones I made at my old school (though some are awesome, most really aren’t there)

start a YouTube about my adventures

have my tattoo for my nana before then

finish Supernatural

start on American Horror Story//find a new tv show to obsess over

live with my mom

It’s a lot to do but I’m pretty positive on it.

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Castiel has spoken
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Dean was raised from perdition by Castiel on September 18, 2008 which was a Thursday. Castiel is the angel of Thursday.

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No caption needed

me: *looks up destiel tag on tumblr*
me: *deep breath*
me: aaaaaah
me: you can even smell the gay
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And thousands of fans will scream “KISS ALREADY!”

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Guys, important, I need a costume for Halloween, any ideas? :)

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when someone talks shit about your otp

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writing Destiel smut




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SOS I accidentally sent my mother a smut destiel fan fiction OMFG MY HEART STOPPED

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